Automated parking to cost Rs.10 an hour in Delhi

Monday, 27 June, 2011

NEW DELHI:  Parking your car in the city's first automated car parking sites being constructed at Sarojini Nagar and Baba Kharak Singh Marg is not going to be an expensive affair. According to New Delhi Municipal Council, the parking rates have been fixed at Rs 10 per hour, the same rates that are levied in Connaught Place. On Friday, Times of India got an exclusive look at how the automated parking system actually works.
The pallet-based technology is being used in the parking lot that will accommodate 824 cars. A person will have to enter the parking site through the basement level and park his car on an empty pallet. Various sensors installed in the area will help a person ascertain whether he has parked his car right, if the car is locked and if it meets the height restrictions. "Many times people tend to attach carriers on top of cars. Such cars will not be allowed as the parking lot can only accommodate cars of a certain height," said an official. The parking lot will comprise eight floors besides the basement and ground floor. With trial runs going on, issues like software errors are still being sorted out. NDMC hopes that everything will be in place by June 15 so that the parking lot can be made operational by the first week of July.
Once the car is parked on an empty 'pallet', a lift will take the car to the floor that has an empty car space. "Each floor has around 130 pallets with around seven empty slots to help move the cars around. These pallets move on roller beds. The vehicle will be transferred to an empty pallet and the car space will be identified either horizontally or vertically through the computerized control system. Each floor has been divided into different zones so that SUVs can be parked separately from other cars. The Sarojini Nagar parking has eight lifts and two will be used for transferring SUVs exclusively to the various floors," said an official.
Radio frequency identification technology will be used to identify a car once a person comes back to get his car. Each person will be given an card and when he will punch it, the computer will identify where the car has been parked as all pallets have an RFID tag. "The computerized system will identify where the car has been parked once a person returns to the parking lot and the vehicle will be handed over to the person within three minutes or less," added an official.
The parking lot will also have 25% commercial space that will act as an additional commercial complex for people to shop in. "The parking lot is being constructed by DLF and has been leased out to them for a period of 30 years," said an official. The cost of constructing the parking is estimated to be between Rs 80-100 crore. The civic agency will be paid Rs 15 lakh per annum for the Sarojini Nagar parking lot.

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